01 Specialist in Ferrari classic cars design and fabrications

All your classic Ferrari needs under one roof
Since 1975 the place to be for the restoration, overhaul and race preparation of your classic Ferrari.
We are specialised in the overhaul and building of gearboxes, engines and differentials.

02 All your Ferrari needs conveniently under one roof

Services and expertise

Restoration in high-tech workshop

We restore Ferrari’s from the first Ferrari to about the F40. Our extensive workshop features the newest high-tech equipment, so we can perfect every restoration we do. Discover more 🡪

Authentic & custom reverse engineered parts

Every classic Ferrari enthusiastic knows how hard it is to find the perfect parts for their car. Over the years, Roelofs Engineering has packed a warehouse full of authentic and reverse engineered parts. If you are looking for something specific, we may just have it, or perfectly recreate it. Find your part 🡪

Winning race services & preparation

We are actively involved in classic motorsports. We can perform race preparation and supply race service for all events. In addition to that, we also have two of our own cars running races; a 365 GTB/4 Competizione and a 250 GTO ’64. Watch race videos🡪

03 Why your Ferrari needs Roelofs engineering

Craftsmanship and knowledge

True craftsmanship

Our components are of outstanding quality, our engines are the winning engines and our knowledge is extensive. People come to us for advice and for the difficult jobs that need to be done right. You can choose from all options that are conceivable, it is always customized.

Can’t find parts?

In addition to restoring, we mainly manufacture parts that can replace the original Ferrari parts. Because original parts are scarce and are not always suitable. We also build completely new engines for a wide range of Ferrari's. We can also make new gearboxes and rear axles.

Services worldwide

Our truly unique services are offered worldwide. The services we offer include: manufacturing custom Ferrari parts, building complete new engines, and the production of gearboxes and rear axles.

04 The latest news

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August 27, 2022

Vacature voor Automobieltechnicus

Soms komt er een nieuwe vacature vrij, maar wij zijn altijd opzoek naar nieuwe gemotiveerde mensen Read 🡪
August 9, 2022

Le Mans Classic 2022

After a 2 year hiatus finally, Le Mans! Read 🡪
May 6, 2022

Goodwood 79th Members' Meeting

After 2½ years without action for the Ferrari 250GTO and the Ferrari 250LM we finally could go back to racing Read 🡪
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