The Roelofs Workshop

Piet Roelofs is the founder of Roelofs Engineering. After his study to become a mechanical engineer. He started working at an Alfa Romeo dealer. After a decade of building experience he founded Roelofs Engineering, a company specialised in classic Italian cars.

He started the company in Oosterbeek, next to Arnhem, in the east of the Netherlands. In the workshop he and a small group of mechanics specialised in the maintenance of classic Ferrari’s. In 1988 the company became too small and moved to Rheden. Where we are still based today.

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The extensive workshop features the newest high-tech equipment, so we can perfect every restoration we do. Besides a SuperFlow engine test bench we have a SuperFlow SF-120 Flow Bench and we also have the latest alignment techniques at our shop. Even timing the old injection systems is part of our possibilities with our own mechanical injection test bench designed by Piet Roelofs himself.

Every engine we build or revise will go on the engine test bench. So that we know what will deliver to our customers. There is no need for running in the engine after it has been fitted, that has been done on the test bench. Also you will know the exact powerband of the engine you get.