September 9, 2019

Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort 2019

This year Roelofs Engineering made itself really well known at the Zandvoort Historic Grand Prix by entering the competition with 7 cars. Of course the 250GTO and the 365GTB4 where there, but more cars joined us. The Jaguar XJR-5 entered the demo, the car with chassis number 001 was present for the specials demo. Very special was the Ferrari 250LM who was finished just in time, sadly the new gearboxes we’re building where not yet finished and we had to compete with the old gearbox. Which made us drop out in the second race of the NKHTGT. Luckily the first race was more successful and the car came in as second in class!

The Ferrari 340F1 and a HWM grand prix car entered the revival race of the Historic Grand Prix in remembrance of Dries van der Lof who raced in the Zandvoort Grand Prix of 1952. The 340F1 has been bought by him in the seventies and the HWM who his son recently bought, is the car he raced in at Zandvoort in the 1952 race. The cars both behaved very well. They qualified in the middle of the field in P7 and P8. The second race was very special, because Shirley van der Lof managed to overtake many and ended up on the podium in second place!

Our own cars had to really throw their weight around to be successful. Especially the grid of the Gentleman Drivers was a tough one. Again we raced against the Daytona coupe of Julian Thomas, but this time the Daytona Coupe of DHG was also present. During the race we had a bit of battle going on with DHG, but in the end Nicky managed to overtake the car. In the mean time the gap between us and Thomas became too big for us to take a serious shot at P1. But we’re still proud with our second P2 finish of this racing season.

The Bizzarrini did well, but sadly dropped out of the race half way with a rear axle issue, we still have a lot of work to do on that car to make it more reliable.

The Daytona had 2 Porsches to compete with and managed to become P1 in class. Very happy with that result, but we wish that there where more GTs competing in the Sports cars series… So hopefully more people will join us next year.

In the end despite of the terrible weather we had many great results with our team and also some more work to do this winter!e