May 3, 2019

Roelofs at the 77th MM

So again we raced with the GTO in the Graham Hill Trophy. The car was driven by Nicky Pastorelli and James Cottingham. This year the Roelofs Engineering team was joined by the 340F1 and Bizzarrini of Van der Lof. After a couple of though weeks because there was a lot to do on the later cars. We were finally back in good old England with all 3 cars finished!

With the 340F1 we qualified as 9th in the Parnell trophy, which wasn't the best result. But we had the feeling we could do better in the race. With the Bizzarrini we qualified P14 and the GTO came it at a nice P5. The field of the Graham Hill Trophy was really strong this year. With an E-type driven by Keen and Minshaw and two very fast TVR's.

The race with the F1 was very early on Sunday. It is really great to see those very old F1 cars at work. After a hard fight we made it all the way to podium with a splendid P3.

The Graham Hill was later on the day and a two driver race of 40 minutes. We were happy it was going to be a dry race this year and there was no snow on the track. The Bizzarrini did great and with Alexander and his son in law, Yelmer Buurman, behind the wheel they became 8th. Next year we’re sure the car will be even better. The GTO had a little battle scar after the start because of a little brush with the TVR. We managed to overtake the Lister and in the end we became third! Our first podium on Goodwood.