August 12, 2018

News from the garage

The last few months it has been really busy in the workshop, especially in the engine department we had some big stuff going on. A big new batch of cylinder heads arrived, mostly 250 and 275 suited for cars like the 250GTE, SWB, GTB and even GTO. But also a new project arrived, the new 250MM (inside plug) heads. Made brilliantly by our supplier with the help of rapid prototyping and our drawings.

And with the arrival of new heads it is to be expected that we also need new engine blocks. A batch of new 250 engine blocks came here and to fit our new 250MM heads new 250 inside plug engine blocks arrived.

Also a big batch of cranks arrived! Excited to work together with our supplier on this bigger batch of cranks for 250 and 275. Because of the long delivery time on cranks it is always a bit of a gamble with how many you cranks you order of a certain type. Luckily for us, most cranks are already sold, so we only have to put one or two on the shelf for futher clients. And finally we have to top those engine with a nice set of carburettors, so Piet is busy with building sets of 38DCN’s, 40DCL’s and 46DCF’s.

As always you have that few parts that don’t go through our quality control, so these will go back to our supplier and they’ll give us a new one.

So we can proudly say that our collection of parts to keep Ferrari’s running is still growing. If you would like to know more about the garage and what is going on you can follow us on Instagram @roelofsengineering